Emergency Physicians Should Attend

Emergency physicians attending the Beyond Basics seminar can expect to improve RVU's and overall revenue. Jim makes the information easy to learn and apply.

Emergency Physicians

Will "Beyond Basics" help me earn more without changing the way I practice?

Yes. This seminar will help you think differently about ED billing, enabling you to compliantly improve your RVUs and overall revenue. Even physicians who do their own billing can increase their income without gaming the system or short-changing patients. Jim always stresses that proper documentation is simply what puts your good care in the best light.

How will it help me to better understand the reimbursement process?

We carefully designed the course from a historical perspective, so physicians understand why they are asked to document appropriately for appropriate reimbursement. While billing is a complicated and serious business, when you understand the system you will feel more confidence - and less fear in case of an audit.

What topics will be covered?

The seminar agenda is comprehensive. We review charts, specify coding and advise on documentation, and update you on regulations. We get down to cases on serving the patient, covering critical care, EKGs and X-rays, surgery policy, fracture care, wound care, ultrasound, IV therapy, foreign body removal, I&Ds, conscious sedation, central lines, CPR and defibrillation - all subjects of coding controversy. And we think you will be especially interested in the surprising value of observation. See the complete agenda here.

What are Jim's credentials?

With 30+ years of physician practice management experience, Jim provides billing management and documentation training services for emergency group practices, academic medical centers and has served ACEP chapters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and California. He is a recognized writer and speaker on physician reimbursement topics and national lecturer for the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, the Emergency Department Practice Management Association, Hospital Shared Services, AIC Conferences, Part B News, and Temple University. He has enjoyed much success in defending his clients through the Medicare audit and appeals process in Pennsylvania and California.

How much of my time will this take?

You should expect to spend two full days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (plus travel time). No homework is required.

Will this be worth my time ?

We do understand your time is extremely valuable. And when we ask physicians whether "Beyond Basics" was worth it, we consistently get "Yes," "Absolutely" and "No question." One physician who brought several others from his group said, "I will recover my expenses in one week when we get back." In fact, we cannot top the testimonials. Are you thinking, "Oh no, another seminar"? Here's what another physician said: "It was the first time I have ever, including medical school, been able to be in class for two days without getting bored or skipping out." And one more: "I was forced to come and thought I knew everything ... I now see how this information can really help me with my RVUs." See more testimonials here.

Testimonials are great, but what do I take away?

We have often been told by "repeat offenders" that Jim's course binder becomes their billing bible, especially in support during an audit or in discussions with your billing company or coder. Its 700 pages of documents, resources, and examples have been compiled over the years - and it is Jim's personal reference as well. It is available only through the seminar. Here's what the binder contains.

What about a bigger picture; do you cover facility coding?

Absolutely. Jim is a regular speaker and consultant on facility coding. It is true that only about one hour on the first day is formally dedicated to the subject. But when facility coders attend, Jim answers throughout with a view to them.

Only one person from my group can attend. Should it be the compliance officer, medical director, or business manager?

The opportunity for change in your ED would be much stronger when a physician attends with a coder. If you are there to carry back the message, the coder's voice is amplified, the motivation is doubled, and there is twice the support either way.

I am a physician. Why should I attend if one of my coders is attending?

Most residents receive little training in ED documentation and reimbursement issues. This seminar offers you an understanding of the process and answers you need to bring the most value to any group you join. Residents who have attended say the course gave them an advantage in the job hunting process. Here are their testimonials.

I am a resident. Should I attend now or wait till I am in practice with a group?

Most residents receive little training in ED documentation and reimbursement issues.

This seminar offers you an understanding of the process and answers you need to bring the most value to any group you join. Residents who have attended say the course gave them an advantage in the job process. Here are their testimonials.

Bottom line. What would your participants say was the most valuable reason for attending?

This is our Top Four (in no particular order):

  1. Limited number of attendees. With groups of fewer than 30, it is easy to ask questions, get answers and immediately apply the information.
  2. Unlimited access. "It's not over till the last question is asked." You can be confident that as long as legitimate issues arise, you can email Jim for help or guidance.
  3. Knowledge and integrity that withstand scrutiny. Physicians trust Jim's understanding of rules, regulations and the reimbursement process along with his proven ability to mesh them with medical decision-making in the ED.
  4. The Binder. The single reference available to sort out differing opinions from coders, billing companies, and auditors.

In the past, I brought back other coding or documentation strategies, but my billing company said that I needed to prove they were OK. I had no proof, just an expert's opinion. How are you different?

Jim's documented methods have withstood the crucial test: the test of time. The papers "prove" what he teaches. But he is so passionate about defending the right way to do your billing that he will take your call to talk strategy about making change in your work place. And continuing the relationship has paid off time and time again for seminar participants. Jim constantly updates The Binder as the rules change - just as constantly - and you get that benefit. Each time you return to "Beyond Basics," you get the latest, especially for Medicare rules and industry standards. Here's what other physicians say.