Coders Should Attend

Coders attending the Beyond Basics seminar can expect to improve RVU's and overall revenue. Jim makes the information easy to learn and apply.


Can I get CEU credit?

Yes. Each seminar is worth 13 AAPC credits (6.5 for each day). Currently, CE credit is offered for coders only.

At most seminars, we do not get to interact with physicians. Does Beyond Basics provide any opportunity?

Yes. Physicians usually account for a third of our participants. But we go one better over other seminars. Most are conducted in large convention rooms, limiting your ability to ask questions and often yielding answers that are brief and sometimes vague. By contrast, Beyond Basics is limited to 30 people, and the interaction takes place in a relaxed but professional environment. See the setup in action here. We often hear coders say that they wish their physicians had come. And physicians wish their coders or billing companies had come as well.

In my workplace, multiple attendance could be a harder sell.

We understand, but over the years we have seen the most success when the ED implements the principles with a team approach. Jim does everything he can to enable physicians and coders to work as a team. That's why we give significant discounts to coders and physicians who attend together.

I may be paying for this myself. Will it be a good investment?

The cost is not small, and we believe employers should cover it because they will significantly benefit financially from your ability to pick up more revenue. But either way, it will help you:

  1. Better understand the medical-decision making aspect of coding.
  2. Learn more about why physicians do what they do and think the way they think.
  3. Improve your ability to communicate with physicians when reviewing a chart.
  4. Make more decisions based on fact and not hearsay. That's why we give you the 700-page course binder for ongoing use as a reference.
  5. Network for two days with other coders from varied groups and billing companies.
  6. Earn 13 continuing education credits from AAPC.
  7. Gain access to expert advice, even when the seminar is done.

Read what participants have to say in our coders testimonials.

How does the binder help me?

The 700 pages of important documents, resources, and examples – compiled by Jim as his own working reference – are generally used to strengthen communication with physicians and support decisions during an audit. "Repeat offenders" often tell us that Jim's course binder is not placed on a shelf, never to be referred to again. It is used over and over as a "Billing Bible."

Get a glimpse of what's inside the binder

Tell me more about that expert advice.

Unlike other seminars that allow a few questions at the end of a lecture, Jim Blakeman answers questions – and asks them – for two days, enabling participants to integrate what they learn to their situations immediately. He is highly skilled in involving participants while keeping the seminar focused on what benefits the group. For individual questions or further discussion, Jim makes himself available at the end of the day. Here's the unique part, however: After it's over, Jim can be available via e-mail, because the course isn't over until the last question is asked.

How will Beyond Basics help me do my job better and advance in my career?

Not only will you learn good content but you will also get the tools you need to become a more appropriate, efficient, and accurate coder. You will learn the ins and outs of specific codes, what to look for in a chart, how to track the decision-making process, and how to help your physicians understand documentation needed for cases both simple and more complex. Beyond Basics will help you communicate more knowledgeably with your emergency physicians, reduce your fear of using higher codes and bring in more revenue for your ED group. Someone has got to notice.