Letter of Thanks

We believe this seminar will more than pay for itself in savings to your practice, guaranteed! But if you'd like to hear from other medical staff who have attended, see our testimonials.

Letter of thanks

Just a short note...

Thanks so much for the informative conference. After leaving a conference there are so many things that need to be reviewed and readjusted. We are all very fortunate that we have Jim who keeps up on all details of coding and has so much knowledge........which allows us to shine as coders.....!!!

Brenda and I greatly appreciate the additional time that you gave us in reviewing charts. I have always felt confident in coding, but reinforcement and continuous review always helps.......!!! Medicare can just scare the 'hell' out of one and then knock you off track for a moment or two - - but with reinforcement, I can get back on track!

Also, thanks for the feedback regarding panel providers, this should really help revenue if changes are made -this could be a huge winner for us!!!!

Thanks for all of the information and time given! Linda - thanks for such a beautiful place to stay - location was fantastic, food delicious and all small details that made the conference a huge success!

Hope to see you next year.........!

Jalonda Ratliff, Coder Stark County Emergency Physicians, Inc., Canton, Ohio
Brenda Wessels, Manager Stark County Emergency Physicians, Inc., Canton, Ohio

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