We believe this seminar will more than pay for itself in savings to your practice, guaranteed! But if you'd like to hear from other medical staff who have attended, see our testimonials.

From Emergency Physicians

"This is the only coding seminar run by someone who knows EM. I really appreciate that Jim is able to present the information in a manner that allows coders to understand what the physician is doing and lets physicians know what the coders are looking for." - Robert J. Chugden, MD West Jefferson Emergency Physicians Group New Orleans, LA
"I am so glad I went to the seminar. It was better than I had hoped. I'll definitely be signing up for future courses; and will be telling some of my old residency classmates, who work in various parts of the country, that they need to sign up for your seminar." - Andy Kahn, MD Assistant Medical Director Baylor Medical Center Garland, TX
"As a 3rd year EM resident, this information is essential to understand in order to become a financially responsible emergency physician. If you want to maximize revenue and do so responsibly, take this course. I learned so much great info that it would take at least a full page to communicate." - Jeff Allgaier, MD Maricopa Medical Center Chandler, AZ
"The information was invaluable. With such a small group, I was able to ask several questions without hesitation." - Konstantinos Gus Agoritsas, MD Director Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program Brooklyn, NY
"An excellent and comprehensive overview of proper documentation." - Richard J. Plunkett, MD Issaquah, WA
"A tedious and somewhat boring subject was presented in an exciting fashion! Great job!" - Mark Dedinsky, MD New Orleans, LA
"Jim made a complicated subject much more understandable." - Kathleen O. Northrup, MD Milford, MA
"Highly recommended for all emergency physicians." - Kate Burke, MD, MHA, FACEP President / Chief of Emergency Department Southborough, MA
"Fascinating to learn how complicated this is and how much better my documentation could be. Our group is probably missing out on a lot of coding aspects due to insufficient charting that would take only a few extra minutes to document better!" - Marisa Kearney, MD Winchester, MA
"Excellent program content and delivery. Up-to-date information given clearly and succinctly" - D.W. (chip) Pettigrew, III, MD, FACEP Chief Executive Officer Athens, GA
"Every ED Director/Manager needs to spend a day or two with Jim Blakeman-the economic viability of your department depends on it!" - Ted Christopher, MD, FACEP Chair, Dept. of Emergency Medicine Philadelphia, PA
"This Program was extremely helpful to me as an ED physician and as the Medical Director, to expand my knowledge of reimbursement and coding." - C. Michael Ogle, DO ED Medical Director Enid, OK
"I have not taken 15 pages of notes for any course since medical school-It was THAT useful." - Christopher J. Ware, MD Associate Director West Chester, PA
"I have been in contact with Jim many times and he has always been very helpful. I have had a great experience." - Zachary Goldman, MD Highland Village, TX
"As coding reimbursement director for my group, I have come to learn how vital it is to educate emergency physicians on appropriate documentation for reimbursement. As the ED serves as the front lines to our nation's healthcare system, and with so many payors and laws fighting to devalue our service, it is vital to our existence as emergency physicians to strive for maximum reimbursement for our efforts. EM Seminars truly dissects our core evaluation and management, and teaches you how to "think in ink" to achieve fair compensation for your services. 99% of the time, the physician does the work, but then fails to document his efforts resulting in downcoding and devaluation of services. Furthermore, Jim keeps up to date with the latest changes in regulatory issues and documentation. I have been to all (kinds of) reimbursement seminars, and without fail, I can only give EM Seminars my highest recommendation. I attend this conference every year." - Damon Dietrich, MD Director Coding Reimbursement New Orleans, LA
"This course should be required for every emergency physician after their training. Most of us learn this stuff on the job. This is an excellent way to learn how to perfect your documentation and maximize your billing. Jim's knowledge of emergency medicine is impressive." - Liza DiLeo Thomas, MD New Orleans, LA
"(Beyond Basics) opened the door to a whole new world. One of the most useful programs I have ever taken." - Pamela Capik, MD Houma, LA
"Great course-you'll learn so much. I plan to make up my course fee in the next couple of weeks with my newly learned efficiency." - Angela Kennedy, DO Garland, TX
"Jim is a very entertaining speaker he knows the topic very well. I appreciate his knowledge & insights. I took the course 6 years ago. I continue to deal with coding and documentation on a daily basis. Even with my experience I learned a lot that I can apply to my daily work. (It was) very informative." - F. Richard Heath, MD, FACEP Medical Director Emergency Services Pittsburgh, PA

From Coders

"This seminar is a great informal way to speak out loud concerns and have open discussion with others in the same profession who share your concerns." - Rochelle Lino, CPC Honolulu, HI
"The course gave me insight on the documentation guidelines which I shared with the doctors; we are now prepared for changes." - Carrie Young, RHIT Bangor, ME
"Mr. Blakeman's total and complete knowledge of the whole system, facility and physician." - Tammie Hallford, CPC, CPC-H Madisonville, KY
"To know how to document correctly and effectively, be able to enhance reimbursement by 100%, and defend your charts in an audit with confidence, physicians and coders need to attend this fantastic seminar. OVER THE YEARS COMING TO THIS SEMINAR, WE HAVE DOUBLED AND SOME MONTHS TRIPLED OUR REIMBURESEMENT." - Sharon McLean, CPC Shreveport, LA
"The program was very informative. The materials given will be an asset to coding our charts along with physician's documentation. This is a great learning tool for physicians and coders." - Cynthia Duhon New Orleans, LA
"The information was clear and concise and extremely useful to physicians, coders and consultants." - Sandra Distler, CCS-P Regional Director Indianapolis, IN

From Administrators

"Tremendous amount of information for documentation to obtain more revenue." - Sherry Murphy Office Manager Louisville, KY
"As an ED, we struggle with the justification (financial) of the need for additional resources. This course and Jim were excellent for showing us how to code/bill for services we already provide. If we get paid for what we do, resources will be easier to obtain." - Jesse Tischer, NREMT-P, MHA Emergency Services Manager Janesville, WI
"As a direct result of Jim's program, our average charge went up 17% - and our compliance process is now current and working." - Robert Mominee ED Business Manager Shreveport, LA
"Great course. Well constructed. Binder will be a tremendous resource. Case studies were very illustrative. Facility was more than adequate, Interactive dialogue added to my education." - Michael Lopatto, MHA, MBA ED Administrator Brooklyn, NY
"This program will definitely pay for itself." - Mary Boudreau, CCS Manager of Patient Accounts Escanaba, MI

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