The Best Thing About the Seminar

We believe this seminar will more than pay for itself in savings to your practice, guaranteed! But if you'd like to hear from other medical staff who have attended, see our testimonials.

"The best thing about the seminar was..."

Jim's willingness to share his experience and his eloquent presentation. - Mark Dedinsky, MD New Orleans, LA
Don't postpone learning RVU productive Documentation Skills, you cannot afford it financially. - Ignacio V. Zarate, MD Medical Director Anaheim, CA
Opportunity to ask detailed questions. - Kevin Kent, MD
Physician Empowerment for services already rendered - Prateek Adhikari, MD Medical Director
Examples of E&M - Tomas Falterman, MD ED Director
Differentiating between levels, CC & OBS. - Charles Muntan, MD
The interactive format, the small size, the setting. - Liza DiLeo Thomas, MD
Learning that I am losing a lot of potential revenue that I hopefully now can recoup in future patient encounters live. Level 3 -> 4, 4 -> 5, 5 -> CC. - Brian DeHart, MD
Getting questions answered about OBS. - Katie Northrup, MD
Jim encourages audience interaction & questions - F. Richard Heath, MD, FACEP Medical Director Emergency Services
Jim talks like he understands EM and what we do as physicians. - Robert J. Chugden, MD
Re-education, re: critical care time and OBS as well as industry. - Angela Kennedy, DO
Organization, amount of relevant knowledge provided in short period of time that was easy to understand. - Brian P. Martin, MD Assistant Professor
The wide array of subjects covered. - Nerine Webb, BBA, CPC
New clarification on our education tools on additional work up in ED. This has historically been debated in our office. Really appreciated how Jim has explained this. - Sandy Distler, CCS-P
Learning the language of coding/billing. - Christopher J. Ware, MD
JIM is the BEST! - Kate Burke, MD, MHA, FACEP
...Jim's explanation of process. The workbook with slides and resource material was very nice. - Tom Arnold, MD
Questions were welcomed and answered. - Oscar Palomo, MD Chairman of ED Gallup, NM

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