Seminar Objectives

The Beyond Basics 2-day seminar is designed for all Emergency Department care and billing staffers - physicians, coders, nurses, support staff and management - interested in improving their business skills. We have found that when ED staff attend together as a team, they receive the best payback.

What Will You Learn From this Seminar?

This seminar will enable you to:

  • » Increase RVUs and revenue
  • » Understand rules and regulations
  • » Determine appropriate levels of service
  • » Document for billing purposes
  • » Document for clinical and risk management purposes
  • » Communicate better with your ED physicians/coders
  • » Control the quality of billing
  • » Negotiate with payers
  • » Recognize and improve value of service
  • » Maintain confidence without fear of unintentional fraud

What you will gain from the seminar

  • » Clear understanding of the difference between "documentation for billing purposes" and "documentation for clinical purposes" - and being able to do both
  • » Up-to-the-minute knowledge of the current rules and regulations with their practical implications for physicians and support staff
  • » Raised levels of sensitivity and knowledge concerning documentation issues that physicians control
  • » Greater confidence knowing how to secure appropriate payment for services without worrying about Fraud and Abuse and False Claims violations generated unintentionally or by others
  • » Practice using sample charts and case studies to see that applying the right rules benefits the physician, the practice, and the patient
  • » Current, reliable, practical information on how to properly charge for services
  • » New insights into your value to your group and hospital¬†
    Support staff and administrative management increase their ability to "protect their docs" through improved documentation procedures

Continuing educational credit

Coders who attend the 2-day seminar will receive 13 hours of CEU credit toward CPC and CCS-P continuing education.

Unconditional guarantee

This seminar is guaranteed to provide you with outstanding information and resources. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the program and/or the documentation, just notify the onsite program administrator, turn in your binder, and receive a full refund for the seminar fee. In the eighteen (18) year history of the course, program administrators have never been asked to make good on their money-back guarantee. See our list of evaluation comments from prior attendees.