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Who is the speaker?

James R. Blakeman, a billing and documentation executive for 30+ years who also writes and speaks for professional associations. He has a passion for translating quality patient care into optimal, correct compensation. See Jim's credentials.

What is a "Beyond Basics" seminar?

"Beyond Basics" is a 2-day intensive small-group seminar designed to take emergency departments and physician groups to the next level on the business end of patient care. In two days, teams and individuals get big picture on how to claim the right compensation for their work. Changing to RVUs? See the Seminar Overview.

Who should attend?

Physicians, coders, nurses and managers who want to improve the business of emergency medicine. We have found ED teams who attend get the best payback. Plus, coders get continuing-education credits. Learn more.

Give me the bottom line.

Documenting for reimbursement is not a game, but it requires learning a new language, a new way to communicate the value of your care. And it really is all about patient care; communicating value starts with your first negotiation tool, the patient chart. Take control of the payment system. See Five Steps to More Revenue and Course Objectives.

What will I gain from the seminar?

You will get current, reliable, practical information on how to properly charge for services as well as have new insights into your value to your group and hospital. Nurses and managers especially can increase their ability to "protect their docs" through improved documentation. See the course objectives.

All right. What results should I expect?

  • You'll be able to increase RVUs and revenue.
  • You'll be able to understand the latest rules and regulations.
  • You'll be able to maintain confidence without fear of fraud.

See our Top 10 list.

What about coders? They have to aim at such a moving target.

Coders attending "Beyond Basics" receive 13 hours credit toward CPC/CCS-P continuing education. Learn more in Who Should Attend.

How do you cover RVUs?

This seminar helps you understand precisely how to communicate the value of emergency care to the third-party payer, so your RVUs are the highest they can rightly be - giving physicians the tools to get paid for what they do and helping the medical team work more effectively, efficiently and rewardingly. Return attendees get back up to speed on ever-changing details.

What is the class size?

Seminars are limited to 30 people, so all participants can have significant interaction with Jim Blakeman and can benefit from small-group discussions. Our attendees consistently praise this distinct advantage of "Beyond Basics." Read the testimonals.

How much time will it take?

The course is designed to fit within two business days, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., with a catered group lunch each noon and an evaluation session at the end of day two. See the seminar agenda. You also will want to consider travel time. See the dates and locations.

How is the seminar structured?

On Day One, "Beyond Basics" brings you up to speed on reimbursement and RVU developments, and gives you the big picture on coding.. Jim Blakeman builds on that foundation on Day Two, by filling in the details on the most crucial areas of emergency medicine billing. See the overview and complete seminar agenda.

When and where are the seminars?

See hotel information and dates and locations.

What will it cost? Are there discounts?

The cost of $1495 per person includes the course, a 700-page reference binder (details here), continental breakfast, lunch and refreshments. Certain groups and repeat attenders are eligible for a 20 percent discount, and Residents receive a 50 percent discount. See pricing details.

Why do attendees keep coming back?

The testimonials offer many reasons: Staying abreast of developments, interacting with Jim and other medical peers, getting refreshed on Jim's recommendations, and immersing new team members in the methods. See testimonials.

How do I register?

You can register by e-mail, using our electronic form, or by phone/mail, using our downloadable PDF form. You'll be registering with Linda Blakeman, Jim's wife, who also plans the meetings and fields all program questions and concerns while Jim handles content. Register now.

Is the seminar guaranteed?

Yes."Beyond Basics" will more than pay for itself. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the program or documentation, turn in your binder to the onsite administrator for a full refund of the seminar fee. In the eighteen (18) year history of the course, administrators have never been asked to make good on their money-back guarantee. Learn more.