About EM Seminars

Learn about EM Seminars and the 2-day Beyond Basics emergency medicine billing seminar for EM physicians, coders and administrators.

How Did EM Seminars Get Started?

In 2002, Linda Carmack Blakeman started the Institute for Emergency Medicine, LLC (IEM) to enable her husband, Jim, to continue to teach emergency department medical billing issues and answers to ER docs, coders, and hospital administrators from around the country. For Jim, teaching has always been enjoyable and a way of giving back to the emergency medicine community.

In 2004, EMSeminars.com was developed as a website to provide valuable information, answer questions, and instruct emergency doctors, PA's, coders, and managers on ways to improve their profitability ethically and appropriately.

Who is Linda Blakeman?

Linda, a licensed speech and language pathologist, succeeded 10-year program administrator Gordon Kutler, who suggested she take over from The Center for Healthcare Administration and Finance (CHAF) in 2002. Linda currently serves as director and meeting planner.

Still Have Questions?

Please direct all program questions and concerns to Linda Blakeman and all seminar content and reimbursement related questions to Jim Blakeman.